Welcome! I’m Heather.

Artist. Storyteller. Teacher.

Mixed-media painting is my passion. Teaching is my passion. How cool is it that I can bring the two together and help you in your art journey? I share my techniques, my process, my tips and tricks, in hopes of helping you create something you love. 


Remember when you were a kid and everything was magic and make believe? When you made art with reckless abandon? And every piece was a masterpiece? I think a bit of that childlike wonder belongs in our adult lives. That’s why I allow myself to believe in magic each time I approach my canvas.

That’s why I am an artist.

I paint. I draw. I hand letter, and stamp, and collage. I put pen to paper. I create.

I think you’re an artist too. After all, you’re here, aren’t you?

For me, the creative process is a moving meditation, the universe speaking through me for a little while. It feels a bit like magic, a bit like soul work.

My art practice is weaved with ritual. It’s sacred and personal and makes me feel alive. It’s part woo-woo and part therapy. I light candles and burn sage and pull oracle cards for inspiration. I don’t do these things because I truly believe in their power. I’m a pretty practical person, and I’m not so much for woo-woo. I do them because they feel good. And, seriously, isn’t that reason enough sometimes? I like believing a favorite crystal brings strength or that my mala beads protect me from bad vibes. Do they? Eh. But it’s fun. So honestly, I don’t care what they really do. I just care that I enjoy the practice.

Let’s infuse our art with these things! Let your art be filled with fun, magic, and make believe.

In addition to magic-making art rituals, my life is infused with my other loves: nature, writing, yoga, meditation, and my furry best friend. I believe filling your life with things you love allows you to be open on the canvas. Sometimes images of my other passions make their way directly into my art. Sometimes not. But they always influence it.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a big art community surrounding me. I don’t have artist friends near home. But I would love to get to know you. I would love to be inspired by you and create a community with you!

And I would be honored to teach you what I know. If my work inspires you to create, if I can help you feel more secure in your journey as an artist — that will make my heart sing.

Let’s make art together.



“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”  –unknown