Mondays have a bad rap. If you’re like me, you kind of dread them because getting up super early is, shall we say, less than appealing. So I’m bringing something fun to Mondays to help you kick off the school or work week on a good note — I do hope you’ll stop by and join me for coffee on Mondays!

I’m introducing a video series called Coffee Monday. Every Monday, I’ll be posting a quick video to say hello and get the week started. We’ll chat about all sorts of things photography related, and I’ll be giving you a peak into my life (as a photographer and simply as a person that lives in Vegas — and loves it).

While I’m at it, allow me to roll out the other weekly series you’ll see on the blog — Sneak Peak Friday! Ooh, yes, this is the good stuff. This is where you’ll get a peak at my latest portrait sessions and photography projects. If you come visit me on Fridays, I promise to deliver some beautiful imagery with which to end your week.

So what do you say? Let’s get started. Press play on the first installment of Coffee Monday. And, yep, I am sure the more I do this, the easier it’s going to get, right? I mean, at some point I’ve got to get good at the whole talking on video thing!