Happy Monday, Friends! I’m seriously excited! (I’m excited a lot on this blog, aren’t I?) But I’ve got so many reasons. Here’s what I’m happy about today: I made my Coffee Monday video!! Woot!

I’m really happy to share with you a Coffee Monday video that serves as a lovely introduction to yours truly. I’ve accepted a blogging challenge from the awesome Alex Beadon called the Feel Good Blogging Challenge, and I’ve decided to incorporate that challenge into Coffee Monday. I’ve got seven weeks of goodies in the works. And it starts today.

For week one, here’s what I’m talking about: who I am, why I started blogging (and I’m reaching all the way back to 2007 to answer that), who this blog is for, a couple things I’m ridiculously proud of at the moment, and the one thing (make that two) that I hope you take away from my blog.

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to watch my Coffee Monday videos! Seriously. It makes my day sparkle (but not like sparkly vampires, ’cause that’s just silly).

Oh. And one more thing. I need a new name for Coffee Monday! As I mention in the video, calling it Coffee Monday when it’s not being posted until Monday night is…well, it’s just plain wrong! Have an idea? Send it my way. Oooh, that actually gives me an idea — I should make this a contest! Stay tuned. I’ll introduce the contest in the coming weeks. Yay!