Guess what day it is?!?! It’s Coffee Monday!

Yep. You may have noticed I haven’t had the chance to post a Coffee Monday video recently. Eeek! The last few weeks have been crazy, busy with shoots and planning and prep work. Occasionally, especially during one of the busiest seasons of the year, you’ll notice I have to step back from Coffee Monday videos. But have no fear — Mondays aren’t going anywhere! I’ll be back in the swing of videos soon. (Because I kind of love them, and there’s something about looking silly on video that appeals to me.)

And every so often, Coffee Monday will be a fun post instead of a video. Like today. Today I’m sitting in my pajamas on this lovely Monday, and though I enjoy looking silly in a good video…I’m not so keen on my PJs. 😉

But I digress. Because what I really want to chat with you about today is how much a love a good mini adventure. And perhaps I can convince you to start taking mini adventures of your own!

If you’ve met me, you know I travel. Kind of a lot. I love to plan trips out of the country. I love getting off an airplane, speaking little to none of the language and miming my way through an airport. I thrive on adventure. But you know what? Most of us, including myself, don’t have the chance to travel out of the country at the drop of a hat. Most of us have places to be and people to see and things to do. And we’re lucky if we get a few hours to ourselves, let alone a few weeks. So here’s what I suggest: mini adventures!

You don’t need several weeks to get in a good adventure. You can have a great adventure in a weekend or even a few hours.

Here are just a few of my favorite mini adventures:

  1. Hiking at Red Rock (and, OMG, the weather is cooling down and Red Rock hiking season is upon us!)
  2. Weekend getaways (think: the beach, the mountains, the desert — A quick drive to SoCal will get you to San Clemente, one of my fave beach towns; Zion National Park has been for years and still is one of favorite places on the planet and is only 3 hours from Las Vegas; Kelso Sand Dunes is just 2 hours from Vegas and is boatloads of fun)
  3. Stand up paddle boarding at Lake Las Vegas (check out Paddle to the Core at the Westin — it’s gorgeous out there and makes for an awesome day!)
  4. Solo movie going (I know this one may sound less exciting, but I absolutely LOVE treating myself to the movies. And I love going it alone! I pick a showing in the middle of the day at a point when I think there will be nearly no one in the theater. I load up on popcorn and soda and all the goodies I never otherwise let myself eat. And I pick the perfect seat — without having to negotiate with anyone about where that might be. Sometimes I make a day of it and stay for 2 movies.)

So be good to yourself. Make a list. Brainstorm. Start thinking about mini adventures you might like to take. And the next time you find yourself bored or having something to celebrate or with a little extra time on your hands — go on a mini adventure!

Here are some iPhone pics from my most recent mini adventure — a trip to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah! I’d heard of the sand dunes, but I had never been there. And seemingly random sand dunes placed in the midst of a forest? Count me in! It was super fun (and really just a strange sight). I highly recommend taking a drive up there!

Coral_Pink_Sand_Dunes Coral_Pink_Sand_Dunes_2 Coral_Pink_Sand_Dunes_3 Coral_Pink_Sand_Dunes_4 Coral_Pink_Sand_Dunes_5