I have a favorite tradition that I do at the end of  each year. I started about 6 years ago. This tradition is the absolute best way I’ve found to bid farewell to the current year and reminisce for a moment about all the things that were spectacular. I love it. Like, really, really love it.

It’s my end of year video!!

Every year I put together a video with pictures and video clips and thoughts about the year. I choose a song that best represents the year for me — a song that was released during that year. And I spend hours going through photos, notes, posts and videos. In doing so, I remember everything that was great! You know how we sometimes tend to remember the negative stuff and totally forget all the wonderful? Yeah, I do that too. But this keeps me from staying in the “negative stuff” place. It’s amazing, it’s awesome, and it’s oh so much fun!

But enough of me talking about what it is. Today, I’m sharing it with you! So have a seat, and get cozy. I hope you enjoy my farewell to 2014!

Bring it on 2015. Bring it on.

2014 – I Lived from Heather Rae on Vimeo.