I’ve been working on all kinds of projects behind the scenes over here. And brainstorming. And I’m SO excited to tell you a bit about it!

Traditionally, this blog has housed only my photography. But there’s so much that goes into creating beautiful photos. And I want to share my process with you.

You see, I’m a teacher at heart. As a matter of fact, in my other life, I am a teacher. Did you know that? I’m a high school science teacher. It’s funny because teaching was not something I planned, rather something that just sort of happened, and, it turns out, I’m pretty damn good at it. I love teaching. I love my students. I love when a student gets excited about something I showed him/her how to do.

And I want to bring my love of teaching into my life as a photographer. I want to share with you how I create the images I create. I want to share with you ideas for spurring creativity and sparking your imagination. I want to share, and help, and maybe even inspire you. Through teaching, I want to bring together a community of creatives that support each other.

Because what could be better than a community of like-minded women, sharing with and helping one another?

Some of my dearest friendships started through blogging, social media, and the like. It’s such a beautiful thing when your passions and your friendships collide.

I live in Las Vegas, NV. Anyone who lives or has lived here can tell you that it’s not the most community oriented city. Don’t get me wrong — I love it (and I’ll tell you the many reasons I love this city in a future post), but finding community out here can be tricky. The city is pretty transient, and the industries are mostly built around hospitality and casinos. All of this is just fine. But when you’re seeking out a community of artists, creative souls, and creative entrepreneurs, it can be sort of difficult.

So I thought on it, and I realized — if the community I want to be a part of doesn’t already exist, why don’t I just create it?! So that’s what I’m setting out to do. I’m setting out to make this blog and website a hub for creative souls — photographers and artists and yogis.

Yes, you read that right. I added yogis to the mix too! Why? Because I’m a total yogi. Do you recall my previous post in which I talk about being a bonafide yoga addict? I start every single day with yoga, and I don’t think for a moment I would be the photographer, teacher, or creative soul that I am if I didn’t start my days this way. It helps to release stress, challenges my body and mind, and gets my creative juices flowing. So, yes, I’m going to bring yoga into the mix. I’m going to share with you what I love about it and why it’s such an important part of my creative process. I’m going to share poses and pictures and flows.

Maybe you do yoga too. Maybe you don’t but you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe my yoga posts will inspire you. And perhaps you’ll find that yoga spurs your creativity too.

So there’s a little peak into my brainstorming these days: creating community for creative souls, sharing my photography process, and bringing yoga into the mix! I’m excited. And I can’t wait to get this party started!