I have a beautiful grandma. I seriously love that woman so much. And a few months ago, I realized that although I have tons of portraits of people I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of portraits of the people closest to me, that I love. So I decided I need to change that! And thus, my personal portrait project has begun.

The first person on my list? My Grandma, Connie. She’s not only beautiful and pretty much the most thoughtful, selfless person I know, but she’s also an amazing artist. She’s always been an artist of some sort, always making something. In the last several years she took up acrylic painting. And she’s good — like amazingly talented kind of good. She paints so much, her house has become a virtual art gallery. Mine too. I have four of her paintings and drawing hanging in my own house.

She inspires me. For reals. 


In addition to portraits with her art, I thought it would be nice to do a few traditional portraits. My grandma says that at her age, she often doesn’t recognize herself, she’s changed so much. But I think she’s beautiful. And every time I look at these photos, they make me smile.

There are a few amazing people in my life, without whom I wouldn’t be the same. She’s one of them.