In a previous post, I talked about photo walks and how they can be a great way to recharge your creativity, get yourself out of a creative rut, and push your comfort zone as a photographer. You can read that post here, along with tips for planning and questions to ask yourself before you take your photo walk.

Here’s an example of another photo walk I took when visiting San Antonio, Texas. This was the second time I had been to San Antonio, and I adored the city! My favorite part was the river walk (I’m sure a favorite of many visitors). I walked for miles along the river, imagining how much I would love living in a place where I could walk along a river such as that every day.

This particular river walk was special because of the trees and plants (lots of green!), the ducks (I just love those little guys), and the awesome restaurants (freaking yum — seriously!).

I took this walk on my last day in San Antonio. My theme was “green.” I wanted to capture different aspects of things that were green. I love giving myself a theme or some sort of purpose for my photos whenever I do a walk like this. It makes me look at my surroundings in a different way and take note of things I might not otherwise see.