I often get some wonderful compliments on my photography. And I’ve got to say, it makes me blush and makes me feel really proud of my work. I love that my work makes people smile. Those smiles make it ever so meaningful to me.

One thing many people don’t know is the reason my work has a specific look. You see, it has more to do with my post-processing style (or editing style) than with my style of capturing a photo in-camera.¬†Granted, I do shoot in manual 99.9% of the time, and I love using my manual settings to capture a photo in a specific way. But once I’ve captured a photo and I download that photo onto my computer, the artist in me comes out. I love to play! I love to see what I can create!

My artist self sits on that cozy couch editing — a blanket over my legs, TV playing in the background. If it weren’t for my janky eyes, I could edit for hours on end. It’s fun to see what I can create!

I don’t often share before and after versions of my photos. But then I was thinking — hey, it might be fun to let you in on a little of the behind the scenes action!

So here I am today, sharing a before and after with you. This particular before and after is of a photo I posted earlier this week from the maternity session with Christa. The afternoon we took this picture was entirely overcast. The skies were threatening rain, and it was getting late, so we were losing light fast. The conditions were far from ideal, but we had a limited window in which we could do this shoot, and we had no plans to give up! This is one of the reasons I love shooting in RAW and one of the reasons I love the ability to edit in post-processing. Even if the conditions are not ideal, there is SO much I can do to correct a photo after the fact. And that, my friends, is awesomesauce.

Here’s the shot, straight out of camera (SOOC):


And here’s the shot after bringing the colors back to life, working a bit on the sky, and adding a touch of my own flare:


In my opinion, the change is not too drastic, just enough to make it pop! And I love a little pop in my life.

Thanks for checking out my post today. I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes! xo