I’ve been getting requests to show pictures of the updated art room. And I’ve got to tell you — this is my new favorite space in the house! Ok, I Actually think my dining area still wins because everything about it screams “Heather.” But then, everything about this room screams my name too. It’s so hard to choose! But really, I just love it because I want to spend time in here. Because even though the TV is smaller, I don’t really care, and I’d rather watch TV in here while editing in my newly dubbed “editing chair” or painting in my little paint area.

What I love about it most is that all of my art supplies are out. I don’t have to go searching for them. I don’t have to pull things out and put them away when I’m done. I just leave it all out. This little fact makes it so easy to start a creative project on a whim. And that is precisely what I wanted – a perfect little space for inspiration and projects. A work room. A painting space. A brainstorming space. An editing space.

Ok. Now I’ll stop talking about it and show you pictures! Enjoy, my friends.