This gorgeous girl did senior portraits with me last school year, and I just have to post a few of my favorites from the session.

I’ve been thinking about her recently because she posted on Instagram that she was about to hop on a plane, as she’s spending this year studying in Israel. This got me thinking about what an amazing person she is, and how freaking excited I am for her! Seriously. In addition to taking her senior portraits, I was also her teacher three of her four years in high school. I got to know her quite well over the years, and I can honestly say, she’s an amazing person. She’s kind. She’s funny. She’s smart. And she’s full of love. A total sweetheart.

Tonight, I’m sending her love and good wishes for the most amazing, life changing, fulfilling year yet! Tamar, you are a special soul, a beautiful person inside and out. And I can’t wait to see what comes your way this year. You deserve all the best the world has to offer!