I’ve been doing a little soul searching. Really digging deep. Thinking about how I can be more deliberate with my life.

In general, I’m pretty successful with that as it is. I dream, scheme, and plan. I make intentional choices about my time. I go big, and I push myself to take bold steps and be brave. But I figure a little extra soul searching can’t hurt anything, right? Right.

From all this thinking, here’s something I’ve come up with: I want to bring more of myself into this site.

You see, I have another site called In Search of Squid. I adore that site. It was truly a living document of my life as I struggled to find what it was that I loved, the things that would make my life meaningful and worthwhile. I wrote on that site for years about my journey. And then one day, I found that I outgrew it. Not in a bad way, mind you. More in a…wow, I’ve figured out what I love, I’m no longer searching…kind of way. And so In Search of Squid didn’t really fit me anymore. Because — Squid Found.

Fast forward to today. I started this new site a little over a year ago. Initially, it was meant to document my journey as a photographer. But then I sort of missed the personal aspect that was In Search of Squid. I missed telling stories.

Thus, as my journey has grown, so has my purpose for this site.

I’ve struggled a bit with exactly how I should post here. What do I write about? Do I only write about photography? Do I include the personal stuff? Do I expand to include my passion for yoga?

I haven’t known what to do, so I’ve continued posting, and I’ve continued pondering.

And in the last couple of days, it hit me. My life, my passion — it’s all about living a creative life, doing what I love, and being intentional with those choices. And there it is, exactly what this site should be. Sometimes, yes, it’s all about photography. But sometimes it’s about so much more than that. And I want to share that too.

It’s a continuation of my journey. It’s personal, and it’s me. It’s a creative haven for my work, for everything that I love. It’s my stories. It’s a way for me to connect with my online soul sisters, my in real life friends, and the myriad of other awesome creative women that somehow find themselves in my little corner of the internet. It’s my place to share art and photography and yoga and adventure. It’s an honest look at the beauty that is this life of mine.

So yeah. That’s a peek into what I’ve been thinking. And I thought I’d share.

Here’s another tidbit, in case you don’t know: since setting up the art room, I have been full-on OBSESSED with creating. I am absolutely in love with painting. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. It’s almost surreal. So while the iron is hot, I’m totally jumping on this bandwagon and taking it as far as it’s willing to take me. I hope you’ll join me for this journey too!

Until next time, my friends, sending love and light.