I somehow found myself finishing my yoga routine from this morning while watching the Democratic Presidential Debate and brainstorming creative projects tonight. All at once. A little bit of juggling going on.

I’m usually all for doing one thing at a time. Focus. But I suppose life gets the best of all of us once in a while. 

What can you do? I say, don’t stress on it. Sometimes we’re full of focus, and sometimes we’re juggling. I just try to make sure I have more days of focus than days of juggling. And I try to let it all roll off my back in the end. Just enjoy life.

And that’s precisely what I was doing at the shoot below.

Man, I love this girl!

This is Lexie. She’s freaking adorable. Beautiful and full of personality. You know what I love about these photos? They’re so authentic to her little facial expressions and how she was feeling that day. A little girl full of sweetness. And lots of laughs, wonder, and silliness.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!