Every country I’ve visited has at least one magical place that rests in my heart and makes me smile when I think of it. And even though Nicaragua wasn’t my favorite country, it wasn’t without those magical places.

A little piece of wild coast on Little Corn, a tiny island in the Caribbean, was one of them.

The day before venturing out to find this piece of coast, I stared at this beach, seas sick on a boat, wishing I were exploring the sand rather than wanting to lose my lunch over the edge. So when I woke up that morning, I decided to ditch all my plans. I threw on my bikini and went in search of sand and seclusion.

The walk to the beach was nearly as beautiful as the beach itself. Hibiscus growing wild, tall grasses, plants galore. I walked slow and soaked in every moment. I sat in the shade and listened to the trees. I chatted with the few locals walking by.


I wondered if it would be hard to find the area I spotted from the boat. But then, on an island only a few miles around, I imagine nothing’s too hard to find.

After walking for about twenty minutes, I reached a clearing in the trees, and I began to see that signature peak of blue across the horizon. I had arrived at the ocean. And not a soul was in sight.

It was glorious.

I did yoga poses for my camera. I read Lord of the Rings while nestled in the sand. I swam laps in the water. I fell asleep in the shade. I took pictures. Lots of pictures. And just as morning turned into afternoon, and the sun felt a bit too steamy, a few dotted clouds overhead opened up and started drizzling on the sand, just enough to erase the stifling heat.

I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures from that day. They certainly make me smile.