I’m in the mood for sharing more art! I really do love making these girls. And coming up with their messages. Often times, they’re super personal messages — messages I need to hear. But they’re also messages I hope will resonate with someone else, someone that needs to hear them too.

This particular girl came out of a canvas board I made a complete mess of at an art party. I love to have friends over on occasion just to paint and create things. It’s pretty awesome to get a group of women together to drink sangria and make pretty stuff (or attempt to make pretty stuff while actually making ridiculously non-pretty stuff). I collaged some paper and threw some paint on a canvas board in hopes of making something surprisingly beautiful, when in fact, I made something surprisingly bad and mud-like. We laughed hysterically at my mess, and I bet all the girls that some day I would make something awesome out of that mess.


So one night, after a great dinner with friends, I came home and started working on a new art piece. I took out my muddy mess, and I started layering. And before I knew it, it was 2AM, and she emerged.

And I love her. For reals. I hope you enjoy her too!