I’m taking part in something pretty awesome tomorrow. I was invited to participate in an event called Adobe Creative Jam. Adobe hosts these events in cities across the U.S.

A handful of creatives throughout the city are selected to compete. The Creative Jam in Las Vegas has a photography component and a video component. I’m taking part in the photography portion of the competition. 

They emailed the theme to me an hour ago. I have 24 hours to plan and shoot my photos, interpreting the theme however I choose. At 5pm tomorrow, I show up at the Inspire Theater with laptop and SD cards in hand, ready to edit. I spend three hours editing, and then I present my project to the audience. Ahhh!!

I’ll be honest, this type of event scares me a little. I’m not usually into competitions, especially ones that lean on my creativity. I do realize this seems kinda silly, seeing as how my whole life is built around my passion for being creative. But, omg, people will JUDGE me. Like, for real. The audience and the judges vote.

BUT…I’ve made an exception. I mean, I get a day off from work to play and be creative! So I’m looking at this as a really awesome opportunity. Something super fun! I get to meet and hang out with other creatives (I’m fairly sure you’ve heard me complain about the difficulty of finding other creatives here in Vegas). I’m a little nervous, but my nerves are pretty much in check.

My plan?

Tonight I’m making a brain dump and coming up with an idea. Tomorrow, super early, I’m starting my shooting. And I’m gonna work whatever idea I run with right up until it’s time to present. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make something awesome!


Do me a favor and send me your good vibes! I would love, love, love you for it! And mostly, send me vibes to totally throw myself into it and have an awesome time. Because that’s what I really want — a cool experience with some great people and lots of fun and laughter.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some brainstorming to do!