I’m not sure what to even talk about, but I want to get back in the habit of writing, so here I am. I’ve had a raging headache for almost five days. This isn’t totally unusual for me, so it’s not cause to be concerned, but man, it’s annoying.

While writing this post, I’m also listening to a conversation on YouTube between Flora Bowley and Shiloh Sophia, and balancing my bank accounts. I normally advocate for doing one thing at a time, but for some reason, My mind is not having it tonight. It wants to bounce around. So, you know, I’m letting it.

I’ve been feeling really inspired lately to work on a new painting series (or two, or three). I want to do a series of whimsical portraits. Faces are sort of my thing (if you’ve followed my art journey, you likely know this). The special thing about this series is that I want the faces to be the faces of women I know. I want to take their faces and turn them into fairies and pixies and angels and such. I’m SO excited by this idea! I also want to do a series of midnight dream paintings. I recently completed a painting that’s quite a bit different from my usual paintings (probably just because it doesn’t have a face on it!), but there are pieces I really love about it. And I want to keep the theme of that painting going – of crystal clear midnights and sailing ships and bright flowers and hummingbirds and full moons.

Some days I wish I could paint all day! Who am I kidding? Most days I wish I could paint all day. It’s such a beautiful meditation for me.

Well, this has been a rather disjointed post. Normally, I would delete such a post or save it as a draft (never to see the light of day). But I’m going to post it. Because it’s the practice of writing that will get me back to where I want to be. And it’s the practice of sharing that will keep me coming back.

And so, goodnight my friends. May you have a peaceful evening.