This next painting is one of  my favorites and also one that, as I painted it, I sort of hated. I mean, I didn’t hate it the whole time. It went through what I would consider my stereotypical phases of…wow, I made this?! I love it so much! To…OMG, I hate this – it’s so ugly! To…maybe I can save it. To…oh thank goodness I didn’t give up on it. 

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I roll. I so often start out liking a background I’m working on only to decide later I’ve overworked it and should have stopped early. But then I keep working until I like it again, and everything works out okay. In this case, it worked out great because the final outcome just makes me smile so big.

I love sharing my painting process (when I remember to take pictures), so I’m sharing the process of creating the background with you. The background was the part of this painting that was my nemesis, the part I battled and eventually won over. The final painting is at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy seeing my process!

After the background, I added the girl, the words, and the final touch, the roses.

As always, please let me know if you have questions. I’m happy to share supplies and/or any techniques I used!