(Charlotte and I hiked the Railroad Tunnels trail this week. Actually, I would hardly call it a hike; it’s more of a walk. But it got us outside in nature, enjoying views of Lake Mead. Charlotte loved all the new smells, especially the bat and rodent smells in the tunnels!)

As part of my 2016 review, I wrote several of the good things that happened through the year. And it got me thinking…I want to do more of that! I want to take more time on a regular basis to notice the awesome stuff that’s happening in my life. Because I have this freaking awesome life. And sometimes I forget. Sometimes I forget how happy I am with so much of what I’ve created in this little corner of the world.

And so, Weekly Musings is born — a space in which I talk about good things that happened, things I’m grateful for, and anything that makes me smile.

Last week I worked through a big review of 2016 and (what felt like) an even bigger planning session for 2017. I mapped out a long list of goals and got myself really organized for the coming year. I’m excited, and I’m feeling pretty fortunate. I’m currently a high school teacher, and we’ve been on winter break. Oh how I love a good break. Time to unwind, relax, and do whatever the hell I please is paramount.

Much of this break was time spent on my own. I feel rejuvenated. I needed that. I needed time to reflect and think about what I want, from all parts of my life — business, professional, personal, everything.

Then I did something I haven’t told anyone about. I applied for yoga teacher training. This one’s local. The previous training I had planned was in another country. The instructor seemed wonderful, but I found myself going back and forth about whether or not I should. With all the changes I have coming this year, I questioned if the added expense of travel would be realistic. And then it hit me…why put the extra stress on myself? This training isn’t and never has been about visiting another country. It has never been about travel or vacation. It has always been about developing a deeper yoga practice and the skills to share that practice with others (especially through art retreats and workshops). The day I made this realization, I did a quick search online for Vegas yoga teacher trainings. At the top of the list was a training I have been curious about for some time. I clicked on the link and realized the early bird application pricing was ending in just two days. And I thought to myself…maybe this is a sign. And if it’s not a sign, maybe I should take it as one anyway. So I applied. I haven’t heard back, but when I do, if they accept me, I think this will be my training. I have a feeling this training is precisely what I need at precisely the right time, and that’s a beautiful thing. I will be sure to update you in my next weekly gratitude post (or whenever it is that I hear back).

Thanks for joining my journey this week.