Guess what?! I’ve started a new video series called Studio Sessions with Heather Rae Murphy. It’s a mixed media painting tutorial series.

If you follow me on social media, you may have started to see the series. For my blog followers, I want to be sure you’re in the know and you get weekly updates too. (And, seriously, I’m really excited about this series!)

I’ve been wanting to do a regular video series for a while now. Honestly, I don’t want my art to be a mystery. I want you to be able to see how I create my paintings. I want to share my techniques with you. So after thinking about the different ways to share, I think this is the best idea!

In a way, I think of us as being in this together, this creative journey. And there are no secrets to how I paint. (I mean this from the bottom of my heart…if you’re heart is calling you to paint, do it! You’ll learn the skills. And more importantly, when you create, you’ll get an amazing sense of satisfaction. It’ll make you feel good. I promise.)

Here’s the lowdown: Studio Sessions is a painting tutorial released EVERY WEEK. It’s totally unscripted and unedited (well, except the intro). I sit down and talk you through my current work in progress as I paint. It’s the perfect way to have an art buddy in the room while also seeing how it is I do what I do.

My hope is that you’ll grab your favorite drink, the art/craft project you’re currently working on, and press play. Let’s be art buddies. Come create with me!