Well, I didn’t make it through my to-do list yesterday. Granted, I was focused all day, and I did at least a little of everything on my list. So instead of being disappointed, I’m just going to keep plugging along, happy with my efforts.

Today I’ll continue filming for my next art class. I started Project 2 yesterday (there are three projects in the class), and I’ll be continuing with the project. I’m hoping to get it to a good place where I may just be able to finish it tomorrow. I’ll also be doing a little editing from Project 1 today. Editing takes time. It always takes more time than I expect. And to be honest, the reason I need to edit right now isn’t so much because the editing has to be done right. this. moment. It’s really because these video files are huge, and my computer is running out of space. Oh, this poor computer. I’m seriously working it to death. But more on that another day.

So…filming and editing it is!

There’s not a lot else weighing on my mind. Which, to be honest, is surprising. In a good way. Normally about this time I’m wondering what the heck I need to do, questioning why I feel so overwhelmed, and freaking out about finances (because I like to worry about things several months before they actually matter).

But the last few days I’ve felt…well, focused. Whoa! That’s an improvement. 

I credit this improved mindset to a few things. First, these morning pages have been so helpful! I simply dump all the things on my mind onto the paper, and bam, I’ve let them go. Having them written down helps me to release them. Because if I forget something, I can always refer back. And so I don’t feel the need to constantly rehash them and keep all the thoughts front and center. Second, I’ve decided what is most important to focus on, and I’ve stuck to it. Online class creation, Etsy shop, getting the word out. That’s it. In that order. Right now, online class creation comes first. And so that’s what I’m doing, no guilt. And third, I cut the social media habit! So, so good. I took a seven day social media break, and it was wonderful. Honestly, I didn’t miss it. And now that I’ve signed back in to those accounts, I’m determined to only check them in the evening, after the work day is over. Even though sharing my art and my work is important, it’s not the most important. It doesn’t even make the list of my most important things to focus on. So I will share my work from the day in the evenings, with an attitude of sharing it for fun.

And with that, my friends, I have to run. I have a quick workout to get in before I start my work for the day. Take care, and I’ll check back tomorrow!