I’ll be honest. Getting myself to write this morning has been a little difficult. I want to be distracted. I want to edit pictures and do nothing that relates to work. On my to-do list today: 1. edit videos for my online class, and 2. film videos for my online class.

But my brain just wants to do fun stuff today.

This is where having to go to a job comes in handy. When you have to go to a job, there are a set number of hours during the day where you’re basically forced to show up for someone else. And, yes, sometimes you might be a little distracted while you’re working, and maybe not every day is uber productive. But the point is, you show up, and at the least, you get something done.

When you work for yourself, particularly if you work at home, it can be incredibly difficult to feel motivated. You’re surrounded by the things you love (it is the home you’ve made for yourself after all). Every single distraction you own is at your fingertips (tv, Netflix, books, computer, phone, comfy couch, etc., etc.) You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas! Granted, I’m never one to stay in my PJs for long, so at least that’s not an issue. But there are days I wish I had to leave to go to work because at least I would be taken out of this comfort zone. Because, friends, sometimes being too comfortable makes it hard to get work done. 

Here’s what I know (and what I have to keep reminding myself of). I may not be motivated right now, but if I start the work, I’ll get into it. Once I get started, I’ll enjoy it. And I’ll feel good as a result.

And so even though when you have to do something, it sort of often makes you not want to do it, just doing the thing is often enough. It’s enough to get you started. It’s enough to get you interested. And it’s enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

So that’s my motto today. Just do the thing. 

Here’s to productivity, peeps!