I put in a lot of hours yesterday, and I’m happy to say I’m caught up with video editing! Sort of. Seeing as how I create new videos to edit every day, and there really is no end.

But I’m super happy with my progress. Project 1 of my next online class is completely done. Videos created, videos edited, project done. I’m in the middle of filming Project 3. I skipped Project 2 but will be returning to that next week. Hopefully, by the end of today I will be done with Project 3.

This class will have a warm-up exercise and three projects, and I think I’m going to be super proud of each of them.

I’m really pushing my boundaries with this class. The projects are easy to follow but not easy to film. I find myself saying…am I capable of this?…a few times every day. And it’s a really good thing. Because I am capable. This is just new territory for me, so it feels a little uncomfortable.

Setting goals just a little bigger than I’m comfortable with and then achieving them…it feels damn good.

All that to say, I had a really good day yesterday. And it’s Fri-yay! I’m feeling extra excited that I’ve decided to return to my regular weekend schedule. I love that Friday is on Friday, and I’m not making any plans to work on the weekend.

In other news, I’m really enjoying a return to my photography. Over time, I realized that photography is a passion I want to keep just for myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to share my photos. I love sharing them! I just don’t want to do it professionally. I love keeping this art form for my own personal work.

For a while there, I simply didn’t love photography anymore. I barely wanted to pick up my camera. Now I want to pick it up all the time. I’m even enjoying editing! Granted, the enjoyment in editing has really come from the fact that I’ve stopped a lot of the extra editing I used to do. I like a more photojournalistic look to photos, and often that means they need to look a little raw. Real expressions, real skin, just real.

It took me a lot of years, but I feel like I’ve finally found my style as a photographer. I struggled with style for SO long. I bounced around between editing styles and shooting styles. I finally got frustrated and gave up. And it seems as soon as I decided I didn’t care, it came naturally. Funny how that works. I think I’ll expand on that idea more another day because I know the idea of finding your style can be about the most frustrating thing in the world, whether your art is painting or sculpture or photography. And after many years of my own struggle, I think I have some insight on the topic.

Take care, friends. Have a beautiful weekend!