Friends, I am so very excited! Today I get to share with you something I’ve been working on for quite a while. I created a new mixed media painting workshop — Paradise Found!

Imagine for a moment the honeyed scent of hibiscus wafting through the air as you stroll down the path of a tropical island. The smell of petals and sunshine. Turtles scurrying to the sea. Birds singing sweetly. Wouldn’t it be lovely to experience that each day?

One way I’ve found to invite little bits of paradise into my own surroundings is to bring it into my art practice! The varied colors of the ocean, the bright feathers of birds, the shapes of tropical flowers. These truly are a few of my favorite things…to paint!

I invite you to join me on a journey as, together, we explore the paradise that is Polynesia. We’ll sketch and paint and laugh and play. We’ll try new techniques, make bold moves, and most of all, we’ll have fun!

Let me tell you a little more…

This class takes you on a journey through Polynesia. We’ll explore traditional Polynesian symbols, beautiful Hawaiian words and phrases, tropical flowers, and some of our sweet feathered friends of the islands (the birds!). We’ll talk about the use of symbolism and telling stories with our art. We’ll look at our use of color, create interesting layered details, and learn simple ways to make a big impact on the canvas.

I also include a sweet meditation with this class as an invitation to sit down, breathe, and calm your mind before each painting session.

This class is being offered through Ivy Newport’s artist network, and I hope so much you will join us! To learn more about the class, see the projects we will be completing, and sign up, please click here.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.