You want a creative practice all your own…


You see beautiful paintings and find yourself thinking, “How’d she do that?” You’re curious. You’d like to put your own creative voice into the world. To paint, learn, grow.

But it all feels a little scary. A little vulnerable. Where do you even start?

It might help to know you’re not alone. Seriously. I once stood right where you are. And I can help.

I’m Heather Rae Murphy, a mixed-media artist with a love of turquoise and whimsy. My passion is helping women begin their creative journeys using painting, yoga, and meditation.

I’ve been a teacher for nine years and have learned to teach in a simple step-by-step way. I nurture supportive classroom communities, and I love, love, love working with students.

Through my online classes and in-person workshops, I teach women skills and techniques to create paintings they’re proud of. I work mostly with acrylic paints, collage, and inks, but I’m happy to use anything that even slightly resembles an art supply. With each offering, I mix in gentle movement practices and simple breathing exercises to help prepare our bodies and minds to create.

If you’re ready to start your creative journey, click here.

In case you’re here to find out more about my non-biz life…

  • If not painting, you might just find me climbing a mountain, exploring a canyon, or drifting down a river.
  • On my quest for adventure, I’ve visited 20 countries (and counting). Don’t ask me to pick a favorite because I can’t. I’ve learned that every country holds something breathtaking and strangers are far kinder than you would ever imagine.
  • I find I’m this odd mix of total wanderlust adventurer and complete homebody. I used to think the two were at odds, but I’ve learned to love both parts of me.
  • Painting is my favorite way to be creative, but I also love photography and writing. I once wrote the rough draft of an entire novel. It was a fun/torturous experience, and I never made it past that first draft.
  • I paint in my tiny studio nearly every day, and I can’t imagine life without my painting practice. It’s part self-expression, part meditation, part pure joy. It’s saves me when my monkey-mind wants to overanalyze everything and manages to keep me grounded while my head’s in the clouds.

The Studio Assistant: Charlotte

My sweet girl, Charlotte, is a rescue, and I like to call her my little soulmate. She’s my adventure buddy and hiking partner, and she has my heart.

She sheds like a shag rug, gets paw prints all over my floors, and is known to drool. Yet I still think she’s the bee’s knees. My little bestie.

She loves car rides, ducks, and (obviously) popsicles.

Plus, she’s always available to provide feedback on my paintings.

The Official Bio

(a.k.a. the talk-about-yourself-in-the-third-person version version of things)

Heather Rae Murphy is a mixed-media artist with a love of turquoise and whimsy. She’s passionate about helping women begin their creative journeys using painting, yoga, and meditation.

Heather is a multi-passionate creative with a background in science and wellness. She holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in health promotion. While completing her master’s studies, she developed an interest in life satisfaction and wellness, which spurred her own journey to discover what brings her joy.

She has been practicing yoga nearly two decades, and is a trained yoga instructor through YogaFit. She has also completed a yoga anatomy mentorship through Yoga Anatomy Academy.

Since starting a (nearly) daily painting practice, she finds her days filled with joy and hasn’t looked back.