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Portraits | Lexie | Children’s Portraits

I somehow found myself finishing my yoga routine from this morning while watching the Democratic Presidential Debate and brainstorming creative projects tonight. All at once. A little bit of juggling going on.

I’m usually all for doing one thing at a time. Focus. But I suppose life gets the best of all of us once in a while. 

What can you do? I say, don’t stress on it. Sometimes we’re full of focus, and sometimes we’re juggling. I just try to make sure I have more days of focus than days of juggling. And I try to let it all roll off my back in the end. Just enjoy life.

And that’s precisely what I was doing at the shoot below.

Man, I love this girl!

This is Lexie. She’s freaking adorable. Beautiful and full of personality. You know what I love about these photos? They’re so authentic to her little facial expressions and how she was feeling that day. A little girl full of sweetness. And lots of laughs, wonder, and silliness.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!



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Portraits | Children’s Portraits | Before and After Post-Processing

Continuing down the path of showing you before and afters, here’s one of my favorite shots from Marissa’s fairytale session. I seriously love the after version of this shot! The before however? Well…

I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I overexposed this shot like a mutha…you get the idea. Actually, I’m ridiculously embarrassed to show this to you. I questioned my sanity when I chose it as the before and after shot of the day. But I’m just going to be real and admit to you that I freaking messed up. It happens. We’re all human. I don’t know why I did it, and I don’t remember the circumstances. It was likely just plain old operator error and my lack of checking the back of my camera. And…yeah, shit happens.

Regardless, I wanted this shot in her final gallery! I wanted a bit of a dark and mysterious look to the photo. So I rolled up my sleeves, took out my ninja editing skills, and got to work. I knew it was going to take a bit of creativity to get a really overexposed shot to look dark and moody. This is the beauty of shooting in RAW and knowing your way around Lightroom and Photoshop.

Honestly, I’m so glad I didn’t just delete the photo. This photo turned out to be one of my favorites from the session. And for it’s creative edge, one of my favorites ever.

So take it from me. Even bad shots are often salvageable (not all of them — but many are). You’re not a bad photographer if you make a mistake. Rather than being upset with yourself, explore what you can learn from your mistake. Perhaps you can learn something about your workflow in the field. Perhaps you can learn a new editing skill. Perhaps you’ll just learn to check the back of your camera on occasion. Whatever you learn, pay attention, and soak it in. It’s all part of your journey.


Here’s the shot straight out of camera (SOOC). OMG, eek!


And here’s the “after” version after applying ninja editing:


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Portraits | Marissa | Children’s Portraits

I am ridiculously excited to share this portrait session with you today! It may just be my favorite styled session ever. I had such an amazing time developing the concept for this shoot. There’s something about fairytale mashups that I absolutely adore.

This is a modern day twist on Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, mixed into one!

And Marissa was SO fun to work with. Seriously. I love this girl – she has my heart. There was so much laughing and creativity. So many ideas being thrown around. I had the best time with Marissa and her sisters (who were my fabulous assistants)!

And you know what I love about working with kids? They love to get into character. For reals. Tell them to pretend they’re scared and alone in the forest, and they take that direction to heart. They’ll give you everything you ask for…and more. And the end is always a giggle fit.

Can you guess where we shot this? Although it looks like a forest, we were actually in Red Rock Canyon here in Las Vegas. I LOVE when I can make a setting look different than you might imagine.

Good times, my friends. Good times. Enjoy the photos!



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Portraits | Ashley and Destiney | Children’s Portraits

These two. They are so freaking beautiful, and fun, and not to mention, super sweet! I must admit I’m likely biased, as these gorgeous girls are my nieces. Granted, I think you would agree with everything I said if you met them! But in all seriousness, they are SO amazing to photograph. They are always up for my creative ideas and locations that require hiking to get to. And in Vegas, if you want to find a place in nature that has this look, you’re going to have to walk to get there!

If there’s one thing I ADORE doing, it’s creating styled shoots. I love to plan outfits and locations. I love to plan for a certain feel. For this shoot, I wanted a bit of a boho feel. Boho and nature and flowers and glitter.

The more I do styled shoots, the more I love them. My ideas keep getting bigger and better. I’m currently in the process of planning new individual styled shoots for these two with winter and fall themes. And I’m giddy with excitement coming up with ideas! My ideas are tightly under wraps at the moment (I don’t want the girls to know the themes until I’m sure I’ve settled on them – I want to surprise them with outfits and props). But as soon as the cat’s out of the bag, I promise to share my planning process with you. Sometimes these types of shoots can seem overwhelming. What I’ve learned, however, is that they’re not. They’re boatloads of fun, and they don’t have to take up all your time!

I hope you enjoy this peek at our shoot!



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