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See The World | Travel Photography | Hanalei Bay, Kauai


It’s hard to believe, but prior to the day I took this picture, I had never taken a proper beach day. Sure. I’d spent many days wandering beaches. But I’d never shown up on a beach with a cooler, beach chairs, drinks, food, a good book, and a snorkel set.

But on that day, that is precisely what my friend, Christy, and I did.

You see, we were exhausted. We had just backpacked the Kalalau trail. And then we came back to civilization and continued our hiking plans. We knew we would likely not return to Kauai anytime soon, and we wanted to see as much of the island as possible. Man-oh-man, was it beautiful! But, as I said, we were exhausted. So we decided to take advantage of all the goodies stocked in the condo we rented.

And I’ve gotta tell ya — when you come prepared with all the goods, it’s possible to sit on a beach for just about ever and do absolutely nothing. So we did. We started on one side of Hanalei Bay. And then the sun started to move, so we headed over to the next side. We sat in the sun with our hats and our SPF 100 sunblock for more than five hours straight. And it was phenomenal. Beach days? They rock. Hanalei Bay? It rocks too.

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