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Creativity Sparks | Mixed Media Painting | Be Limitless

I’m in the mood for sharing more art! I really do love making these girls. And coming up with their messages. Often times, they’re super personal messages — messages I need to hear. But they’re also messages I hope will resonate with someone else, someone that needs to hear them too.

This particular girl came out of a canvas board I made a complete mess of at an art party. I love to have friends over on occasion just to paint and create things. It’s pretty awesome to get a group of women together to drink sangria and make pretty stuff (or attempt to make pretty stuff while actually making ridiculously non-pretty stuff). I collaged some paper and threw some paint on a canvas board in hopes of making something surprisingly beautiful, when in fact, I made something surprisingly bad and mud-like. We laughed hysterically at my mess, and I bet all the girls that some day I would make something awesome out of that mess.


So one night, after a great dinner with friends, I came home and started working on a new art piece. I took out my muddy mess, and I started layering. And before I knew it, it was 2AM, and she emerged.

And I love her. For reals. I hope you enjoy her too!



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On Birthdays, Playing Big, And Being Unreasonable


So I’ve been thinking about something the last week or so, and I want to share. I don’t normally talk philosophical stuff on this blog, but today’s a special day, so I’m making an exception. And this is good. Like for reals, good.

First, you may want to know why it’s a special day (or maybe I just want to shout it from the rooftop and tell you). It’s my birthday!! And I’m a big celebrator of birthdays. I believe in extra helpings of brownies and extra hugs and special indulgences and birthday week (heck, I believe in birthday month!). I also believe this is a great time to take stock of what’s going on in my life. You know, figure out what I LOVE, what I don’t love so much, what I would like to adjust.

And that’s what I’ve been doing this past week — taking stock.

I’ve decided 37 is the year of asking for the unreasonable. The year of believing the unreasonable will happen. The year for expecting more and getting more and being more.

Here’s the thing. I have this awe-inspiring, beautiful life. I love it. I’m fortunate beyond measure in so many ways. Plus, I’ve got some seriously big dreams. And I find myself questioning those dreams on occasion, wondering if I’m being unreasonable by hoping for too much. And then I make them a little smaller, a little more reasonable (I don’t want to come up short, after all).

But I’m turning that habit on its head this year.

I’m exchanging that habit for this mantra: I just wanna see if I can make all my dreams come true.

Because, why not?!?

Nothing is too big, and nothing is unreasonable. I’m going after it. I’m going after all of it. I choose to believe in magic and soul mates and abundance and security and pure joy. I choose to believe in me.

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