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See The World | Travel Photography | Kalalau, Kauai (Part 2)


Yesterday I told you a bit about Kalalau, a stunning beach in Kauai, Hawaii. That place holds a little piece of magic. The magic is held in the creamy sand. It’s held in the towering cliffs that rise behind you. It’s held in the reds and greens and blues and grays that surround you. It’s held in the enchanting sunrises.

Actually, this picture was taken at sunrise. We camped at Kalalau. Because there are no buildings. There are no cabins or resorts. Kalalau is a part of the Hawaii State Park system. This is one of the reasons Kalalau stays so pristine and untouched — few people set foot on that creamy, yellow sand. This is also the reason I was up before sunrise.

I’m not much of a camper. I don’t sleep well on a 1/4″ thick sleeping pad. I don’t enjoy the heat and humidity provided by a nylon tent in the summer. And I really don’t enjoy attempting to go to the bathroom with a flashlight in the middle of the night. So, yes, my night’s sleep was less than stellar, and I rose before the sun. But for this view? It was worth it.

Pure bliss. Peace. Solitude. Moments like this make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Because I’m so fortunate. So fortunate to be one of the few that buried my feet in the damp sand on this little piece of island paradise one morning in July. One of the few that showered in the community waterfall. And swam in the freshwater cave-pool. And listened to an old Hawaiian chief sing in the darkness. And swam around a cliff with a group of locals to come upon an even more remote beach, one that even fewer see, with precisely zero footsteps in the sand until we got there. One of the few that jumped into the waves and turned around to see water falling from the cliffs, turning black lava rock green with moss in every direction.

Oh yes, I’m fortunate. And this life? It’s such a magical adventure.

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See The World | Travel Photography | Kalalau, Kauai

There’s a beach in Kauai called Kalalau. Kalalau is a magical part of the Hawaiian Islands. Getting there is a battle, and that’s half the reason it continues to hold its majesty. It’s stunning. It’s pristine. It’s visited by few. Fancy a boat ride and a swim to shore? Or a treacherous 11-mile hike? That’s what it will take to get you there. But I promise, it’ll be worth every harrowing moment.

Kalalau changes you. In all the best ways.

I left a piece of my heart in Kalalau. And for that, I feel so very fortunate.


Here’s something you may not know about me — I travel. Quite a lot, actually.

Exploring the world. Finding adventures. Seeing everything I can possibly see. That’s pretty much what I live for. Travel was actually what sparked my interest in photography. I wanted to capture the places I was visiting. I wanted to illustrate my adventures through pictures.

And so I talked with a photographer friend of mine, and I bought a DSLR (the “fancy” camera), and I started to play around. I started by taking pictures of pretty much everything. Whether I was at home, exploring a new mountain, or in a foreign place, exploring a whole new continent, I was taking pictures.

And that’s where my love of photography really grew. It was in landscapes and nature. It was in sheltered rainforests, mountains that shielded sunsets, and beaches trampled by ocean waves. It was there in those places that I learned to use my camera. It was there in those places that I learned to tell stories through photos.

Then the other day, I was thinking. Why not share my journey around the world with you? Why not let you in on this piece of my life that I treasure so dearly?

And so, See The World | Travel Photography posts are born.

I hope you’ll stop by to see my latest landscape photos and the tidbits of stories that compliment them. I hope you’ll enjoy this slice of my life, this insight into my heart and soul.

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